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What is safeguarding easy read

What is safeguarding - Easy Read

Easy Read guide to understanding and reporting abuse (pdf 2.45mb)

Easy Read concern form - Tell someone 

Who is an adult at risk of harm? 

An adult at risk of harm is someone who is over 18 and may need other people or services to care for them or support them, because of their age, a disability, a mental health need, or substance misuse.

It may also mean people who can’t make decisions for themselves, or need someone to speak up for them.

What is abuse?

Abuse happens in lots of ways. Here are the different types of abuse.

Psychological abuse 

When someone says bad things to hurt your feelings, makes fun of you, shout or threaten you and makes you feel bad

Physical abuse

This is when someone hurts you.

Domestic abuse

Where you are threatened, hurt or abused by a member of your family or someone you are in a relationship with

Modern Slavery

This is when you are forced to work for no money

Sexual abuse

This is when someone touches your body or private parts in ways you do not like or want. It is also when someone makes you do sexual things that make you sad, angry or frightened.

Financial abuse

When someone takes your money or belongings without asking or won’t let you choose how to spend your money.


This is when people who are there to help you do not look after you properly.

Self Neglect 

Where you don’t look after yourself by eating properly or keeping yourself or your home clean


This is when people treat you badly or unfairly because you are different to them because of your race, belief, sex, age etc.

Organisational abuse

Where your care provider gives poor service – like ignoring you or not treating you properly. This could be paid staff in a hospital or care home who do not care for you the right way or respect your rights.

Who might abuse you?

Most people will not abuse but if you are worried about someone that is you can get help

Where can abuse happen?

Abuse can happen anywhere and at any time.

Who should I tell?

If you think you have been or are being abused you should talk to someone you can trust.

Say no to abuse

East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board is committed to stopping all forms of abuse as it aims to protect all adults living in the East Riding.

Please see our easy read guide for more information on understanding and reporting abuse 

Easy Read Safeguarding Guidance (pdf 2.45mb)

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