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Making safeguarding personal

What is Making Safeguarding Personal?

Making Safeguarding Personal in its simplest form means putting the person at the centre of everything we do during a safeguarding enquiry from the very beginning to the very end.

The Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) programme has been running since 2010. The Care Act 2014 guidance required adult safeguarding practice to be person led and outcome focused, aiming towards resolution or recovery. This embodies the MSP approach. 

During 2014/15 the programme was mainstreamed with all local authorities supported to develop plans to implement the MSP approach to adult safeguarding, through regional workshops and direct contact with the MSP project support team.

The 2014/15 MSP programme was evaluated nationally and the findings indicated that many places were still in the early stages of their MSP journey. Some councils had been absorbed with implementing the broader approaches to the Care Act 2014 and this work had led to them putting MSP on hold.  ADASS fully supports the MSP approach and wants to see it fully implemented in all councils.


How has this been implemented in the East Riding of Yorkshire?

Here, in the East Riding, ERSAB is striving to develop a safeguarding culture that focuses on the personalised outcomes desired by people with care and support needs who may have been abused. 

Making Safeguarding Personal formed the first objective of  ERSAB’s strategy for 2016-19 - To embed the Making Safeguarding Personal approach within all partner organisations.

The relatively new Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) programme to put service users at the centre of everything we do follows the edict of ‘no decision about me without me’ and means that the adult, their families and carers must work together with agencies to find the right solutions to keep people safe and support them in making informed choices. 

It was enshrined in the Care Act and we have embraced it in the East Riding where we were already moving towards a more user-centred approach and have revised our safeguarding procedures accordingly.

During the period of this strategy we now want to drive a cultural shift in all partner organisations that will embed the principles of MSP into their structures, processes and practice. 

The key focus is on developing a real understanding of what people wish to achieve, agreeing, negotiating and recording their desired outcomes, working out with them (and their representatives or advocates if they lack capacity) how best those outcomes might be realised and then checking at the end how far their expectations have been met.


How will this safeguard Adults with care and support needs?

Making Safeguarding Personal is not about putting you through a process it is about having a conversation with you or your representative to ask what has happened.  

We will:

  • ask if you require any immediate support to keep yourself safe 
  • explain how safeguarding works 
  • ask you what you would like to happen  Support you in a way to give you choice and control to improve your quality of life, wellbeing, and safety.

We promise to: 

  • Listen to you 
  • Understand your views and wishes 
  • Take you seriously 
  • Treat you with respect 
  • Support you to feel as safe as you want 
  • Support you to make your own decisions 
  • Keep you informed and involved 
  • Tell you what will happen next.

For further details relating to Making Safeguarding Personal please visit the websites listed in the Useful Links panel on the right.

Document download


Section 42 - Appendix to the suggested framework to support practice, reporting and recording on making enquiries (pdf 517kb)

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