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Training charging policy

1. Introduction

1.1 In March 2000, the Department of Health published the document ‘No Secrets’, which gave guidance on developing and implementing multi-agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse – implemented in October 2001.

1.2 The ‘No Secrets’ document also identified the need for a ‘Training Strategy for all levels of staff’, to underpin adult protection. The Safeguarding Adults Board has in place, an agreed local training strategy. Training is aimed at inter-agencies and single agencies, and strives to ensure appropriate levels of training standards are met.

1.3 The Safeguarding Adults Board, through the Safeguarding Adults team, has continued to provide this free, multi-agency training, since the inception of the Policy and Procedures in October 2001. This is to promote adult protection, raise awareness and prevent abuse of vulnerable adults.

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2. Position statement

2.1 Since the introduction of the training programme, delegate
attendance; whilst generally good, has continued to raise issues
regarding non-attendance and/or failure to notify or cancel. This
can result in an average of four delegates (per session) not
attending, which equates to a 20% non-attendance rate.

2.2 Non-attendance at training sessions continues to have an impact on the current waiting list in terms of reducing opportunities for other delegates to access this training. As a consequence, we are introducing the following ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’.

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3. 'Non-attendance charging policy'

The Safeguarding Adults Board Members have agreed that with effect from 1st January 2007, the following ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ will be implemented:

3.1 Charges will be incurred if:

Delegates do not attend on the day and offer no prior explanation, apology or do not appoint a replacement.

3.2 Who will be liable to incur a charge:

  • Organisations who nominate delegates, or;
  • Individuals who self-nominate (eg Self Employed Consultant);

3.3 Charge to be incurred:

  • £50.00 - per session per delegate.

3.4 Charges will be implemented by:

  • The Safeguarding Adults Team will, following non-attendance, raise an Invoice which will be forwarded to the delegate’s line manager or individual.

3.5 Exceptions to charging:

  • Unforeseen illness, exceptional or emergency circumstances (each case will be assessed on an individual basis).

3.6 Raising awareness of the ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’
will be managed by:

  • Providing individual statutory organisations with this Policy, (in advance of charging), to raise awareness and disseminate to all future delegates/management;
  • Prior notification to individual delegates, in writing, explaining the ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ and the financial implications.

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4. Appeals process

4.1 There is a two stage appeals process as follows:

Stage 1 To determine a fair outcome, the Safeguarding Adults Training Coordinator will review individual cases.

All appeals will need to be made within 28 days of an invoice being raised.

Stage 2 If a decision has identified that the charge is correct and there is a refusal to pay - further requests for course
nominations, by an organisation or individual, may not be approved.

Revised 18 November 2009

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